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Hi, My name is Ronnie Martin. I Live in River Ridge, La., which is a suburb of New Orleans.

I am a Corvette enthusiast, I own a1958 roadster, and a 1986 coupe.

I also collect Firearms,High Standard Target Pistols. Hence the name of the page.

My Latest hobby. ( as if the previous weren't enough), is coin collecting. No wonder I am always broke.

Did I fail to mention that, I am also a Ham Radio Operator.

To see my Ugly Mug and Station, Click_Here.

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High Standard 2nd amendment dicussion board and Chat Room.

Firearms Page and Links.

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There Here: Great original photo's of WWII aircraft, Including the, "Enola Gay"

R&S Vintage Watches, Great deals on collectible watches.

Travelzoo Hot Deal

I'm still working on it. Come back soon!

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