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I have been licensed as WB5QDR since October of 1975. I started in ham radio as a Technician class operator. I was big into 6 meter operation in those days. I kind of lost interest in VHF when the sunspot cycle back then passed it's peak and DX became rare. Then the big thing became county hunting, I really wasn't into that, I was more of a rag chewer, but it got to where everyone wanted a county contact and a signal report and they were gone. I knew the thing to do was to get the code up to 13 wpm and get my general ticket. I started studying diligently, I got my speed up to about 10 or 11 wpm and hit a brick wall, I couldn't improve past that. I got very discouraged and quit trying. I became inactive for a while. Then a while later I ran across one of my old friends and he got me interested in VHF again, But this time it was grid squares. well needless to say, that was little diferent from county hunting. I lost it again. Then about 2 years ago I got a letter from ARRL, saying that they were working with the FCC on a restructuring plan that would lower the CW requirement to 5 wpm. I already had that, I got excited again. Well here it is after restructuring and I am BACK!!! I got my general ticket, put up a multiband dipole and am enjoying ham radio again. I Have found my niche, I am really enjoying several raw chew nets that I have come across. One in particular is the, "No Name Net", Boy when I heard that one on 7230 khz, I had found home. This is my kind of Hamming. The net is very informal, topics range from Amateur radio to Zuchinni, and that's A to Z in my book. If you get down on 40 meters check it out, It's a great ride.

Check out Lanny's AC5WG website, He is adding a No Name Net section Soon

To see some pictures of My Station and Antennas, Click Here!

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QRZ Website.

ARRL's Website.

E-Ham Website. Website.

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